Ukraine: Russia’s missile strike on Odessa port will not make us give up our main goal – to unblock seaports for safe transportation of grain – Minister Kubrakov


Despite Russia’s missile strike on the territory of the Odessa port, we continue technical preparations to launch the export of agricultural products. This was stated by Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov:


„Do you trust Russia?“ – of course not, no one in Ukraine can trust the country that started this war 8 years ago, and in February this year even stopped hiding its real invading intentions.


We do not trust Russia, but we trust our partners and allies, which is why the Initiative for the Safe Transportation of Grain and Food Products from Ukrainian Ports was signed with the UN and Turkey, not Russia.


This document was not a „goodwill“ gesture, but the result of the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberating Snake Island. Which, in turn, was made possible by the support of our allies, who provide us with modern and effective weapons to protect the coastline. The document was signed on Ukrainian terms – no Russians in Ukraine’s territorial waters, no concessions on sanctions.


Today Russia launched a missile strike on the territory of the port of Odessa, thus once again showing the world its true intentions. In recent months, missile attacks on infrastructure have become the enemy’s second and sometimes even first target. Every day dozens of missiles are aimed at railroads, bridges, oil storages, and ports. This does not stop our work or our resistance.


Railroad workers, road workers, and port workers work every day, just like the rest of the country, under conditions of military aggression. And none of us plans to stop – this is exactly what the occupier wants, to destroy the infrastructure, to destroy the economy, thereby weakening the Army.


The whole world is watching this situation. The UN, our allies and partners speak of the Istanbul Initiative as a hope, as a solution that can not only save Ukraine’s economy, but also millions of people from starvation and billions from impoverishment.


As always – we trust the Navy, the Armed Forces and all the defense forces that are ready to fight back against the occupiers. Yesterday no one signed an agreement on Russia’s capitulation, the war is not over, as someone decided. But just as our railroads continue to move and motor carriers deliver needed food, medicine and weapons to the „0“-position, we will not give up on our goal of unblocking the seaports.“


„We are continuing technical preparations to start exporting agricultural products from our ports,“ Kubrakov noted.