Ukraine: Despite the damage to 345 critical infrastructure facilities, work on preparation for the heating season is already one-third done – Minister Chernyshov


On July 14, Minister of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine Oleksiy Chernyshov held the third meeting of the Staff for the preparation of housing and communal facilities and the fuel and energy complex for the fall-winter period 2022/23.


„It’s the middle of summer on the calendar and there is little time left before the start of the next heating season. Today every prudent owner is already preparing for the most difficult heating season in our history,“ said Oleksiy Chernyshov.


It should be noted that as of July 12, as a result of military actions caused by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 345 critical infrastructure facilities in the field of heating were affected, viz: 336 boiler plants (324 damaged and 12 destroyed), 8 thermal power plants (4 destroyed and 4 damaged) and 1 thermal power plant (damaged).


„At present, on average, one-third of the work on the preparation of heat supply facilities, housing stock and social facilities for the heating season has already been completed,“ the ministry notes.


They also urge local authorities to fill in the data on the condition and needs of utilities on the platform Uneeds, which is formed by the Ministry. This will accelerate the funding of reconstruction and preparation of facilities for the heating season.


Oleksiy Chernyshov said that the heating season depends on several components, in particular, price stability, provision of energy resources, technical condition of the equipment and the availability of backup equipment are important. The Minister once again stressed that heat tariffs will not change.


„We have heard from the Ministry of Energy assurances of a sufficient current volume of resources, which makes it possible to start the heating season, as well as the availability of the appropriate level to pass it. At the same time, I plan to meet with all heads of regions and mayors of cities where there is a district heating system. We will discuss the readiness of each city to the heating season. Let’s prepare together! – summed up Oleksiy Chernyshov.