Das Deutschlandticket ist ein teurer Spaß

You can also use the Deutschlandticket to travel here: An S-Bahn at Elbbrücken station in Hamburg. Bild: dpa

The Germany ticket receives billions in subsidies, but it has limited benefits. The federal and state governments need to allocate the funds more effectively.

SLet’s imagine a scenario where a baker sells nine rolls daily and is not satisfied with the sales. In order to improve the situation, the baker decides to make the rolls bigger and more attractive, and also sells them at a discounted price. As a result, the baker manages to sell ten rolls per day, one more than before. However, this action does not qualify as a great success. The baker should seriously consider reevaluating their product offering.

And that brings us to the Germany ticket. After four months, it becomes clear that it has only attracted very few new people to public transportation. Ten million passengers have purchased one, and not even one million of them are new to buses and trains. Some others have previously bought single tickets and are now opting for the subscription, not least because the subscription is now much cheaper than before. Only every twentieth trip with the Germany ticket actually replaces a car ride. Last week, it also became clear: not even three months in, one in ten had already canceled the subscription, especially the new customers, of course. At the same time, the number of cars in Germany is reaching a new record.