Wärmepumpen: Energieagentur Dena für günstigen Strompreis

Monteurin mit Wärmepumpe: Stromkosten sollen bezahlbar sein

Monteurin mit Wärmepumpe: Stromkosten sollen bezahlbar sein

Foto: Bernd Weißbrod / dpa

Die Debatte über das Heizungsgesetz hat viele Verbraucher verunsichert und den Wärmepumpen-Boom deutlich gebremst. Nun diskutieren Verbände und Experten, wie die Heizungswende vorangebracht werden kann. Die Deutsche Energie-Agentur (Dena) hat einen Wärmepumpen-Strompreis ins Spiel gebracht.

„I cannot reword“

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Haverkamp also called for nationwide uniform minimum distances. „From our perspective, it makes sense to address this issue in the Building Ministers‘ Conference and adopt a federal regulation on the minimum distance for the installation of heat pumps,“ she said, addressing Minister of Construction Klara Geywitz (SPD). This would ensure nationwide planning and legal certainty.

On Tuesday evening, representatives from the crafts industry and the heating industry will meet at the Federal Ministry of Economics for a heat pump summit. This format is taking place for the umpteenth time – the first such meeting took place in June of last year. During the second summit in November of last year, Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Green Party) stated that the goal of installing half a million devices per year by 2024 is „achievable“.

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Consumer advocates stated on Monday that the government must ensure „adequate financial support to enable households with low incomes to afford the investment costs for a heat pump.“

Branche sieht sich gewappnet

According to associations, reports indicate a significant decline in funding applications this year. The Federal Association of Heat Pumps states that requests for government subsidies have decreased by over 70 percent in the first eight months of this year compared to the same period last year.

The German parliament has approved a reform of the Building Energy Act, also known as the Heating Act. Its aim is to gradually replace oil and gas heaters in order to make heating less harmful to the climate. Starting in 2024, the government will cover up to 70 percent of the costs for an environmentally friendly heating system under certain conditions.

The heat pump industry has made significant investments in expanding production and training capacities and is capable of installing the agreed-upon 500,000 heat pumps next year, said Martin Sabel, Managing Director of the Federal Association. However, if the federal government does not take measures to counteract the decreased demand, their expansion goal will be far out of reach.

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According to the forecast, the sales of heat pumps are expected to reach up to 350,000 units this year. This is a result of the strong demand from last year and increased production capacities of manufacturers. The demand needs to be stimulated again. The goal of the federal government is to have six million heat pumps by 2030. According to the association’s forecast, there will be slightly over two million by the end of 2023.