Wohnungskonzern LEG: „Die Luft-Luft-Wärmepumpe ist günstiger“

As a large housing corporation, Herr von Lackum, you rent out 167,000 apartments in Germany with relatively low rents. Many things are becoming more expensive. Will the rents increase significantly?

Jan Hauser

Redakteur in der Wirtschaft, verantwortlich für Immobilien.


Wie hoch denn?

In the first half of the year, we increased rents by an average of 4.3 percent to 6.50 euros per square meter. However, it should be noted that a 0.8 percent increase comes from the adjustment of subsidized properties, which only occurs every three years. In addition, construction materials alone have become nearly 30 percent more expensive in the past two years. However, the most important factor for our business is the significant increase in interest rates from less than one percent to 4 percent for a ten-year financing. In the housing market, we not only face strong cost pressures but also a growing excess demand. As a result, rents will continue to rise significantly in the future…