What can we expect from Corona in autumn 2023, with Eris and Pirola, vaccination and masks?

After the pandemic is before the pandemic, virologists have preached repeatedly. But the fear was gone for now, the repression immense in a seemingly never-ending year of crisis, which has taught us that war can also rage in Europe and the effects of climate change can catch up with us everywhere. Two years ago, we were not allowed to travel because of Corona, now we want to return to our home country as quickly as possible when storms or wildfires lick at the door of the holiday paradise.

Ein Thema war Corona höchstens für diejenigen, die unter den Spätfolgen leiden und unterversorgt sind. Und nun für die plötzlich neu Infizierten, die keinen Ansprechpartner mehr finden. Im „anekdotischen Alltag“ erzählen Freunde sowie Bek