Weltchemikalienkonferenz: Staaten geben sich globale Regeln für giftige Stoffe

DThe international community has agreed on new global rules for the safe handling of chemicals. „The production of chemicals is increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is high time to contain global pollution,“ said German Environment Minister Steffi Lemke (Green Party) according to a statement on Saturday. „We have succeeded in agreeing on advanced goals and effective measures for safe chemical management worldwide.“

Under the leadership of Germany, representatives from governments around the world, civil society, intergovernmental organizations, business, and UN agencies gathered in Bonn for a global chemicals conference since Monday. In a joint statement, they now commit to making the handling of chemicals safer worldwide and to phasing out the use of the most hazardous chemicals as much as possible.

For example, a system for classifying and labeling chemicals should be implemented in more countries. Additionally, a fund for the safe handling of chemicals should be established.