Ukraine-Krieg: Drohnenabschüsse vor der Krim und über Moskau

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    • 9/17/20234:48:27 AM

      Russland meldet fünf Tote durch ukrainischen Beschuss in Donezk 

      According to the Russian occupying authorities, five people have been killed in Donetsk due to Ukrainian shelling. The victims were reportedly located in the Kirow and Kuibyshevskji districts, with one woman being injured in Swetlodarsk, as stated by Denis Pushilin, the regional governor appointed by Russia, on Telegram. These claims cannot be independently verified. Donetsk is situated in eastern Ukraine and is partially under Russian occupation.
    • 9/17/20234:15:54 AM

      Das war die Nacht

      Nato-Generalsekretär Jens Stoltenberg hat Deutschland aufgefordert, seine Militärausgaben deutlich anzuheben. „Im Kalten Krieg, als Konrad Adenauer oder Willy Brandt regierten, lagen die Verteidigungsausgaben bei drei bis vier Prozent der Wirtschaftsleistung“, sagte er den Zeitungen der Funke Mediengruppe.
      According to the Ukrainian government, two ships have arrived at a Ukrainian port for the first time since Russia suspended the grain agreement. They are expected to transport 20,000 tons of wheat to Africa and Asia.
      Hier finden Sie eine Zusammenfassung der Ereignisse der Nacht.
    • 9/17/202312:35:04 AM

      Russland meldet Drohnenabschüsse vor der Krim und über Moskau

      According to the Russian military, they have shot down six Ukrainian drones over the Black Sea off the northwestern and eastern coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Moscow’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, reported on Telegram about the shooting down of a drone over the Istra district. There is no information about any damages or injuries so far. These claims cannot be independently verified.

      An Moskaus drei großen Flughäfen habe es infolge der Drohnenangriffe Verspätungen gegeben, berichtet die staatliche Nachrichtenagentur Tass. Nach der Drohne über dem Moskauer Bezirk Istra sei am frühen Sonntagmorgen eine weitere ukrainische Drohne über Ramensky abgeschossen worden, berichtete Sobjanin. Über Schäden oder Verletzte sei nichts bekannt.

    • 9/16/202311:39:31 PM

      Stoltenberg fordert höhere Verteidigungsausgaben

      The Secretary General of NATO has called on Germany to significantly increase its defense spending. „During the Cold War, when Konrad Adenauer or Willy Brandt were in power, defense spending was at three to four percent of the economic output,“ said Jens Stoltenberg to the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe. He reminded of the decision made at the NATO summit in Vilnius, stating that two percent of the gross domestic product is the minimum requirement. He expects that many allies will exceed this goal.

      Furthermore, Stoltenberg does not anticipate a quick end to the fighting in Ukraine. „Most wars last longer than initially expected,“ he said. Following that, security guarantees for Ukraine are necessary to prevent history from repeating itself. There is no doubt that Ukraine will eventually be part of NATO.

      Wir alle wünschen uns einen schnellen Frieden. Gleichzeitig müssen wir erkennen: Wenn Präsident Selenskyj und die Ukrainer aufhören zu kämpfen, wird ihr Land nicht mehr existieren. Wenn Präsident Putin und Russland die Waffen ruhen lassen, werden wir Frieden haben.

      Nato-Generalsekretär Jens Stoltenberg

      • Nato-Generalsekretär Jens StoltenbergReuters/Sean GallupNato-Generalsekretär Jens StoltenbergReuters/Sean Gallup
    • 9/16/202310:00:27 PM

      Mehr als 35.000 jüdische Pilger trotz Krieges zu Neujahrsfest in der Ukraine

      According to authorities, despite the war in Ukraine, over 35,000 Jewish pilgrims have gathered in the city of Uman in the central part of the country to celebrate the Jewish New Year festival of Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish festivities in the city proceeded as scheduled, as stated by Regional Governor Ihor Taburez on Telegram. „More than 35,000 pilgrims have arrived.“ So far, the New Year festival is going „without any incidents.“
      According to Ukrainian authorities, the majority of pilgrims came from Israel, the USA, and „other European countries“. Every year, chassidic Jews from around the world visit the city during the Jewish New Year festival to pay homage to Rabbi Nachman’s grave, who was the founder of the ultra-orthodox movement.
    • 9/16/20239:56:59 PM

      Ukraine erhält Drohnen aus Deutschland

      Das deutsche Unternehmen Quantum-Systems liefert 100 Drohnen an die Ukraine. Das teilte der Bürgermeister von Kiew, Vitali Klitschko, auf Telegram mit. Demnach wurde die Vereinbarung auf dem jährlich stattfindenden Gipfeltreffen des Stern Stewart Institute in Deutschland getroffen.
      Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Minister for Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, announced to the news agency Reuters that there will be more drone attacks on Russian warships. According to him, the production of drones in Ukraine has increased by over a hundred times compared to the previous year. These claims cannot be independently verified.
      According to the minister, Ukraine is testing AI systems that can locate targets several kilometers away and guide drones to them, even when external communication is disrupted.
    • 9/16/20239:49:55 PM

      Two grain ships have arrived at a Ukrainian port.

      Die Ukraine hatte ihre Ankunft angekündigt, nun sind sie da: Erstmals seit der Aussetzung des Getreideabkommens durch Russland sind nach Angaben der ukrainischen Regierung zwei Frachter in einem ukrainischen Hafen eingetroffen. Die Resilient Africa und die Aroyat nutzten einen temporären Korridor durch das Schwarze Meer. Sie seien nun im Hafen von Tschornomorsk, schrieb die ukrainische Seehafenbehörde auf Facebook.
    • 9/16/20239:42:56 PM

      Selenskyj expresses gratitude to Germany for military assistance.

      The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, expressed his gratitude to Germany and other countries for their ongoing support in defending against the Russian aggression. In his evening video address, Zelensky stated, „This week, we have made significant progress in implementing existing defense agreements and other support packages.“
    • 9/16/20239:42:13 PM

      Polen verbietet Einreise von Autos mit russischer Zulassung

      Poland has announced further tightening of its sanctions against Russia: starting from Sunday, cars registered in Russia will no longer be allowed to enter Poland. Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński shared this information, as reported by the news agency PAP. Such restrictions have already been in place for trucks. Poland is now following the example of the Baltic countries and Finland, which have already banned the entry of cars with Russian registration.

      The ban will come into effect at midnight and applies to all cars without exception, clarified Kaminski. It is irrelevant whether the vehicles are used privately or for business purposes. It also does not matter what citizenship the owners or occupants of the cars have. „The rule is: a car registered in Russia has no right to enter Poland,“ PAP quoted the Minister. The Russian exclave of Kaliningrad borders Poland.

    • 9/16/20236:54:04 PM

      Russia has withdrawn troops from the shared border with Norway.

      According to Norwegian officials, Russia has withdrawn a significant portion of its military from the shared border. Currently, only 20 percent or possibly even less of the Russian forces are stationed there compared to before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, says Norwegian General Eirik Kristoffersen in Oslo. This also demonstrates that Russian President Vladimir Putin knows that NATO is not a threat to Russia. „If he believed that we were threatening Russia, he would not have been able to move his troops into Ukraine to wage war there.“
      If he believed that we were threatening Russia, he would not have been able to move his troops to Ukraine to wage war there.

      Eirik Kristoffersen, norwegischer General

    • 9/16/20235:43:32 PM

      Lithuania calls for increased EU funding for Ukraine.

      The EU’s budget plan for Ukraine includes 50 billion euros. Lithuania is now demanding an increase to 72 billion euros by 2027, according to Lithuania’s Finance Minister Gintarė Skaistė. This would allow the EU to provide Ukraine with 18 billion euros in heavily discounted loans each year for the next four years, the same amount as in 2023. Otherwise, Ukraine would only receive 12.6 billion euros annually from 2024 to 2027. EU governments are working on revising the budget for 2021-2027 by the end of the year. This is proving difficult due to demands for additional spending in other areas as well.
    • 9/16/20235:43:16 PM

      Nato-Admiral: Ukraine gewinnt jeden Tag 200 bis 300 Meter Boden

      According to NATO Admiral Rob Bauer, the Ukrainian counteroffensive is pushing back the Russian troops by approximately 200 to 300 meters every day. He mentioned during the NATO Military Committee’s annual conference in Oslo that the Ukrainians are paying a high price for this progress, with many casualties and injuries.

      The reason why the offensive is not progressing faster is due to the large quantities of Russian mines. There are minefields stretching for kilometers with five to six mines per square meter, which are holding back the Ukrainians. „They literally have to crawl forward to get through.“ It is not because there is a lack of ammunition.

    • 9/16/20234:43:22 PM

      Russland bestreitet Verlust von Kontrolle über Andrijiwka

      The Russian military has denied Ukrainian reports of the recapture of the village of Andrijiwka in the eastern Donetsk region. The spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konaschenkow, stated that the Ukrainian army had „unsuccessfully attempted to push back Russian forces from the locations of Klischtschijiwka and Andrijiwka (…)“, but he did not provide any evidence.

      On Friday, both the Ukrainian General Staff and President Volodymyr Zelensky reported the liberation of the town of Andrijiwka. It was also stated that their own troops were active in the neighboring towns of Klischtschijiwka and Kurdjumowka.

    • 9/16/20232:41:09 PM

      Vitali Klitschko fordert schnelle Taurus-Lieferung aus Deutschland

      The mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, is urging the German government to quickly deliver the Taurus cruise missile system and additional weapons. He told the Süddeutsche Zeitung, „For every delay, Ukrainians pay the highest price: it costs the lives of our patriots, our soldiers.“ He also stated that he conveyed this message „exactly“ to Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

      Klitschko expressed gratitude for previous weapon deliveries from Germany and specifically for air defense technology to protect Kiev. Klitschko stated that Scholz, who has been hesitant about delivering cruise missiles, supports Ukraine. However, Klitschko acknowledged that Scholz, being a politician, is cautious about making promises. Klitschko emphasized that the discussions with Scholz have improved compared to the beginning of the war, noting that Scholz has become more proactive.

    • 9/16/20231:58:58 PM

      Ukraine meldet baldige Ankunft von zwei Getreidefrachtern

      For the first time since Russia’s withdrawal from the grain agreement, two freighters, Resilient Africa and Aroyat, are reportedly heading towards a Ukrainian Black Sea port, according to Ukrainian sources. The ships are en route to the port of Tschornomorsk, where they are expected to load approximately 20,000 tons of wheat destined for Africa and Asia, as stated by Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Olexander Kubrakow.

      Russia withdrew from the grain agreement in mid-July. Ukraine then opened sea routes for trading ships from several Black Sea ports in early August, regardless of Russia’s announcement to target each of these ships. Several freighters have already sailed through the Black Sea from Ukrainian ports until today, but there have been no passages in the opposite direction so far.

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