Tschernobyl: Deutsches Unternehmen will Windpark entwickeln

Atomruine von Tschernobyl: In der Sperrzone soll ein Windpark entstehen

Atomruine von Tschernobyl: In der Sperrzone soll ein Windpark entstehen

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The German energy company Notus plans to develop a wind park in the exclusion zone of the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl. They have signed a corresponding letter of intent with the state-owned Ukrainian power grid operator Ukrenergo during the visit of Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Green Party) to Ukraine. Notus has announced this. Baerbock traveled to the country attacked by Russia on Monday.

According to Notus, the area has the potential to supply around 800,000 households near Kiev with wind power. The estimated capacity is 1000 megawatts. „A wind park of this size would make a substantial contribution to the expansion of renewable energy in Ukraine and strengthen the independence and decentralization of the Ukrainian energy supply,“ said Hannes Helm, CEO of the Ukrainian project development company of the Notus Energy Group. „We want to contribute to the reconstruction and transformation of the Ukrainian energy supply.“

Konfliktarmes Gebiet

According to the company, an advantage of establishing a wind park in the exclusion zone around the 1986 exploded Chernobyl nuclear power plant is that the area is conflict-free from social and ecological perspectives. The company states that an unused area could be utilized sustainably.

The area is located in the Kiew Oblast and is approximately 150 kilometers away from the capital. The Potsdam-based company Notus energy claims to have been active in Ukraine since 2019.

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During her visit to Ukraine, Baerbock was informed about the preparations for winter energy supply and visited an electricity substation. Russia repeatedly targets Ukraine’s infrastructure facilities. Despite efforts to protect it, the energy supply is considered fragile.