Total hat beschlossen, den Preisdeckel für Benzin und Diesel in Frankreich bis zum nächsten Jahr beizubehalten.

Total-Zapfsäule: In Frankreich mit Deckel

Total-Zapfsäule: In Frankreich mit Deckel

Foto: DPA

The energy company Total has extended the fuel price cap at its gas stations in France beyond the end of the year. In order to protect the purchasing power of the population, the price of gasoline and diesel will remain capped at a maximum of 1.99 euros per liter as long as fuel prices remain high, the company announced in Paris. Total operates approximately one-third of all gas stations in France.

Die Regierung hatte es abgelehnt, wie im vergangenen Jahr während der Energiepreiskrise erneut Milliardensummen in Tankrabatte für die Bevölkerung zu pumpen. Stattdessen hatte das Wirtschaftsministerium die Energiekonzerne zu einem Preisnachlass an der Zapfsäule aufgerufen.

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The policy was successful in gaining the attention of several supermarket chains, which already offer fuel at affordable prices through their gas station network. During certain times, such as weekends or market opening hours, they are currently selling gasoline and diesel at cost price.

In Deutschland würde ein Deckel, der ab 1,99 Euro wirksam ist, derzeit nur in Einzelfällen greifen. Allerdings muss das in den kommenden Monaten nicht so bleiben. Die Spritpreise sind seit einer ganzen Weile gestiegen.

During its weekly evaluation last Wednesday, the ADAC noticed a decrease in diesel prices for the first time in a long while. Within a week, the fuel had dropped by 1.1 cents and cost an average of 1.786 euros per liter nationwide on Tuesday. However, diesel was still 18.5 cents more expensive than at the beginning of July.

Unerwarteter Rückgang

According to this analysis, the price of E10 gasoline decreased by 1 cent to 1.874 euros per liter. Prior to this, prices had been generally increasing, but at a much slower rate of just under 9 cents since the beginning of July.

According to ADAC, the unexpected decrease in prices last week was due to the rise in the price of crude oil. However, the price level has been excessively high for months, so there is still significant potential for reductions. Additionally, the end of summer vacations in almost all federal states may have also contributed to the slight decrease.