This fiscal policy is madness. And it’s not only Christian Lindner who is to blame.

So ist die Lage: Deutschlands Wirtschaft, die sich einen großen Niedriglohnsektor gönnte und sich die Nachfrage nach deutschen Autos und Maschinen aus China und dem Rest der Welt besorgte, befindet sich im Koma. Denn die fetten Jahre im Export sind vorerst vorbei. Chinas Wirtschaft lahmt. Die Schwellenländer bilden als Reaktion auf den Wirtschaftskrieg neue Allianzen.

Several EU countries are now increasing their imports of liquefied gas from Russia instead of relying on pipeline gas. Germany is engaging in significant energy deals with Azerbaijan, despite the fact that the latter is subjecting over 100,000 Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh to a famine catastrophe. Meanwhile, the USA and China are also economically gearing up and promoting investments in green technologies. Additionally, there is already a fierce competition for control over data capitalism.

Olaf Scholz träumt vom Wirtschaftswunder

What, however, is the response of the federal government made up of the SPD, Greens, and FDP? In the midst of the crisis, they want to put an end to the exceptional emergency situation that allowed them to finance investments through loans despite the debt brake.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) sincerely promises a green economic miracle, despite Germany lagging behind in growth and suffering from years of insufficient public investments, which has depleted its resources. How can the transformation of transportation and energy systems succeed? What can give hope for a good life to those yearning for security, when this government cuts everything that is not immediately available?

Except for the armor: A special fund of over 100 billion euros was quickly created for it – despite corruption in the procurement system. While the prices of defense stocks skyrocket, the world laughs at our railway system. Was there a special fund for our schools? Especially children from poor backgrounds often had more contact with their phones than with teachers during the Corona crisis. What about hospitals and healthcare workers, for whom we once applauded from our balconies? Many tenants fear additional burdens due to the heating law. There is a lack of affordable housing. Studies prove: Such austerity policies are a stimulus package for right-wing parties like the AfD.

Das Grünen-Lamento über die FDP

This course is economically insane. There is not a single talk show that passes without a eulogy for the German economy. However, it is the same TV chatterers and editorial writers who, in recent years, cheered on the treasurer in the capital like hooligans, urging them to tighten their belts and manage the federal budget of the fourth largest economy in the world as if it were the cash box of a pigeon breeder association.

The Green Party’s lamentation about the alleged blackmail by their smallest coalition partner, the FDP, is dishonest. Their leading budget politicians once celebrated the debt brake. The budget is passed jointly by three parties. Robert Habeck supported this policy and opposed appropriate wealth and inheritance taxes. Therefore, Family Minister Lisa Paus is now experiencing embarrassment in regards to child basic security.

SPD, Grüne und FDP sind eine schlechte Revival-Band, die noch mal die Schröder-Fischer-Tournee aufführt: Nur ohne Gerhard, ohne russisches Gas und ohne eine linke Partei, die auf Montagsdemos die Wut der Menschen adressiert. Zeit, dass sich zumindest Letzteres ändert.

Fabio De Masi war Mitglied der Linken, des Europaparlaments wie des Bundestags. Er ist nun parteilos und arbeitet als Publizist.