They are constructing the tallest wind turbine in the world and no one is bothered by it.

Lausitz.Lausitz – knapp 7.000 Einwohner. Aber Deutschlands höchster Turm. Bei dem Gedanken daran fängt Bürgermeister Klaus Prietzel an zu grinsen. 

These are still plans, construction will only begin next spring. Still standing, not far from the edge of the village, in the middle of the forest, is only this long pole reaching into the sky: a wind measurement tower. It is the test version for the super wind turbine, so thin that it needs to be secured with ropes, otherwise it would topple over. And so tall that the surrounding spruce trees look like toys. Even the mayor appears diminished next to it. Various equipment on the tower has been measuring wind yield at a height of 300 meters for months. And the result is: „Ideal conditions,“ says Prietzel.