The Verbraucherzentrale is suing Aldi for advertising balcony power plants.

„I cannot reword“Aldi wegen einer aus ihrer Sicht irreführenden Werbung für Balkon-Solaranlagen. Nach Angaben der Verbraucherschützer wird die erreichbare Leistung der Fotovoltaikanlage deutlich zu hoch angegeben. Das führe Verbraucher „in die Irre“ und verstoße gegen geltendes Recht. Nach einer Abmahnung erhoben die Verbraucherschützer daher Klage auf Unterlassung der Werbung.

The balcony solar system was offered in Aldi’s online shop, according to the Consumer Center. It was advertised as a balcony power plant with a „maximum output power of 600 W“. However, this is actually only the maximum power of the included inverter, which converts DC voltage to AC voltage. With the two solar modules, only a maximum power of 350 Wp (Watt Peak) is achieved.

Aldi has advertised a total performance that the balcony power plant cannot achieve. Consumers are being deceived, even though they rely on „complete, clear, comprehensible, but above all correct information.“

The small solar systems are highly popular and their acquisition is supported in many cities or states. They reduce the electricity bill and contribute to climate protection.

According to consumer advocates, the acquisition costs amount to approximately 500 to 1,000 euros. Such small power plants can generate electricity for operating a refrigerator and washing machine.