The Tonight Show: Moderator Jimmy Fallon entschuldigt sich für toxisches Arbeitsumfeld

The American television host Jimmy Fallon has apologized to his staff following allegations of a toxic work environment. During a Zoom conference, the moderator reportedly stated that it was never his intention to create such an atmosphere. This has been reported by several American media outlets.

„Ich kann es nicht umformulieren.“

The American magazine Rolling Stone was the first to report on allegations of a toxic work environment on the set of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The magazine cites two current and 14 former employees as sources, but they are not named.

Employees are afraid of the moderator’s outbursts.

According to this, employees are afraid of unpredictable „outbursts“ from the moderator. In addition, Fallon and other leaders of the show are accused of belittling and intimidating employees. Seven of the staff even stated that their mental health has been affected by the moderator and other supervisors of the show.

NBC, der Sender der Late-Night-Show, gab in einer Mitteilung
bekannt, man sei stolz auf die Sendung und eine respektvolle Arbeitsatmosphäre
sei oberste Priorität. Beschwerden der Mitarbeiter habe man untersucht und gegebenenfalls
Maßnahmen ergriffen. Mitarbeiter seien wie immer dazu aufgefordert,
Verhaltensweisen, die gegen die internen Richtlinien verstoßen, zu melden, hieß
es weiter. Fallon fand in der Mitteilung keine Erwähnung.

The Tonight Show is the oldest talk show in the world – it has been broadcasted since 1954. Fallon took over as the host of the show in 2014 and subsequently gained great fame.