The new power highway Suedlink: The long transmission finally begins.

Sie sollen für den Anschluss sorgen: Tunnelvortriebsrohre auf einer Suedlink-Baustelle in Leingarten, Baden-Württemberg Bild: dpa

Mit dem Spatenstich für die Elbunterquerung nimmt die Stromtrasse Suedlink nach langen Verzögerungen und vielen Kostensteigerungen Gestalt an. Sie kostet 10 Milliarden Euro – und könnte schon zu klein sein.

AAt the end, the snail finally picks up speed. The Suedlink power line, one of the most ambitious projects in the German energy industry, has been delayed for years and has become increasingly expensive. Some skeptics have already classified this endeavor in the same list of fiascos as the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport BER or the Stuttgart 21 central train station.

However, on Monday, the groundbreaking for the central project of crossing the Elbe could be done relatively quickly: The building permit was only granted a few weeks ago in mid-August. „We can see the speed, as demonstrated by the immediate start of construction after receiving the permit,“ said Tim Meyerjürgens, the Germany CEO of network operator Tennet, at the central celebration event in Wewelsfleth, Schleswig-Holstein, near Glückstadt on the northern bank of the Elbe. „With the start of construction at the Elbe crossing, Suedlink becomes a reality.“