The NATO reports that ammunition for Ukraine is running low in the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

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Quelle: Institute for the study of war, AEI Critical Threats Project
  • 10/3/202311:15:55 PM

    According to NATO and Great Britain, ammunition for Ukraine is running low.

    The NATO and Great Britain have called on the Western allies to increase production due to declining ammunition stocks. „The bottom of the barrel is now visible,“ said the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Rob Bauer, during a discussion at the Warsaw Security Forum, as reported by CNN. „We need a significantly faster increase in production from the industry.“
    The British Minister of State for the Armed Forces, James Heappey, also urged the alliance partners to replenish supplies: „We need to support Ukraine tonight, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and even beyond that in the fight. And if we stop, it doesn’t automatically mean that Putin will stop.“
    The British newspaper Telegraph previously reported that the supply of weapons that the UK can still deliver to Ukraine is running low. Specifically, there is a shortage of air defense weapons and artillery ammunition.
  • 10/3/202311:04:18 PM

    More Ukrainian cargo ships are once again present on the Black Sea.

    Weitere Schiffe haben den ukrainischen humanitären Korridor durch das Schwarze Meer genommen, wie ukrainische und amerikanische offizielle Quellen berichten. Die Ukraine richtete die Route ein, nachdem Russland sich im Juli aus dem Getreideabkommen zurückzog. Die Anzahl der Frachter ist seitdem rapide gesunken.

    According to the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Oleksandr Kubrakov, three cargo ships have departed from Ukrainian ports over the weekend. Five currently loading vessels are carrying 120,000 tons of grain to Africa and Europe.

    • Ein Bagger verlädt in einem Getreidehafen im ukrainischen Ismajil Getreide in ein Frachtschiff.Andrew Kravchenko/picture alliance/dpa/APEin Bagger verlädt in einem Getreidehafen im ukrainischen Ismajil Getreide in ein Frachtschiff.Andrew Kravchenko/picture alliance/dpa/AP
  • 10/3/202310:40:55 PM

    Russland meldet Abwehr von Raketenangriff auf die Krim 

    The Russian military claims to have intercepted a Ukrainian anti-ship missile of the Neptun type off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Meanwhile, in the port city of Sevastopol, damage from falling debris of a drone has been reported. According to Mikhail Rasvoschayev, the appointed governor of Sevastopol by Russia, a residential building was damaged. There are no reported injuries. The air alarm that was declared in the evening has now been lifted.
  • 10/3/20238:28:16 PM

    Selenskyj: Charkiw soll Osten stark halten

    According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the city of Kharkiv is intended to serve as a stronghold for defending Eastern Ukraine. In his daily video address, he emphasized the significance of Kharkiv not only enduring but also actively contributing to the strength of the entire region. Various meetings have been held to discuss topics such as demining efforts and protecting energy facilities from Russian attacks.

    „Ich kann es nicht umformulieren.“

  • 10/3/20237:32:19 PM

    Michel supports Ukraine’s accession to the EU by 2030.

    EU-Ratspräsident Charles Michel befürwortet den Beitritt der Ukraine bis zum Jahr 2030 – unter Bedingungen.
    If both sides do their homework, Ukraine could become a part of the EU by 2030.

    Charles Michel

    In an interview with Der Spiegel, Michel demanded certain actions from the EU, including the acceleration of „decision-making processes“. According to Michel, the swift inclusion of Ukraine would also serve as a demonstration of the EU’s ability to act geopolitically.

    At the same time, he emphasized that there will be no political discount for Ukraine or for EU candidate countries – in addition to Turkey, these are the six Western Balkan states and the Republic of Moldova. „Ukraine and the other candidate countries must implement reforms, fight corruption, and meet the legal requirements,“ said Michel.

    • Charles Michel, EU-Ratspräsident, während eines Interviews am 25.01.2023.picture alliance/dpa/colprensa | Elian ObregonCharles Michel, EU-Ratspräsident, während eines Interviews am 25.01.2023.picture alliance/dpa/colprensa | Elian Obregon
  • 10/3/20236:21:40 PM

    Der Tag im Überblick

    The governments of Poland and Ukraine, together with Lithuania, have reached an agreement on Ukrainian grain exports. The United States has announced additional military aid for Ukraine. According to sources from allied countries, US President Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment to continue supporting Ukraine during a telephone conference with representatives from the G7, NATO, and EU, despite the budget dispute in his own country.

    Bitte lesen Sie die vollständige Zusammenfassung hier.

  • 10/3/20236:14:16 PM

    Lambsdorff zieht Parallele zwischen Mauerfall und ukrainischem Freiheitskampf

    Germany’s ambassador to Russia, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, praised the role of the Soviet Union in German reunification during a ceremonial speech. He stated that without the support of their partners in the United States, France, and Great Britain, as well as the Soviet Union at that time, Germany would not have its national holiday. He made these remarks in front of diplomats, business representatives, and journalists.

    Lambsdorff stated that the fall of the Berlin Wall was also a result of the strong desire for freedom among the people of Central and Eastern Europe. He mentioned that Ukraine is now striving for freedom, peace, security, and national sovereignty as well. On the other hand, Russia is bringing violence to its neighboring country through its war. The ambassador also criticized the situation in Russia itself, pointing out that the violence of the Russian state is directed internally against critics and dissenters within the country.

  • 10/3/20233:52:10 PM

    Joe Biden koordiniert weitere internationale Unterstützung

    Representatives from G7, NATO, and the EU discussed further support for Ukraine in a telephone conference. According to the US, participants included German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. The exchange was initiated by US President Joe Biden.
    • US-Präsident Joe Biden Kevin Dietsch/Getty ImagesUS-Präsident Joe Biden Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
    EU-Ratspräsident Charles Michel und die Staats- und Regierungschefs aus Großbritannien, Kanada, Italien, Japan, Polen, Rumänien sowie die französische Außenministerin waren ebenfalls angeschlossen. Die US-Regierung plant, zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt weitere Informationen über das Gespräch zu veröffentlichen.

    Es sei ein „gutes Gespräch“ der führenden Vertreter von EU, G7, Nato und dem „Bukarest 9“-Format gewesen, teilte von der Leyen nach den Beratungen mit. Seitens der EU seien neue Finanzhilfen in Höhe von 50 Milliarden Euro für Reformen und Investitionen vorgeschlagen worden. Bis März 2024 wolle man eine Million Schuss Munition an die Ukraine liefern. Die EU wolle zudem dabei unterstützen, durch Russland verübte Verbrechen aufzuklären.

    In the USA, reaching an agreement on a new budget was only possible after the removal of aid for Ukraine. According to individuals familiar with the conversation, Biden reaffirmed his determination to continue assisting Ukraine during the phone conference. John Kirby, the spokesperson for the National Security Council, stated that the USA could provide military aid to Ukraine for „several months“ without additional funding from Congress. However, this depends on the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces and the developments in the war against Russian invaders.

  • 10/3/20232:36:11 PM

    Ukraine is negotiating a loan for the agricultural sector.

    The Ukrainian government is in talks with the World Bank for a loan of $700 million. This is intended to address financial difficulties and provide support to the struggling agricultural sector, as announced by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • 10/3/20231:31:17 PM

    Wolodymyr Selenskyj besucht Truppen

    The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has traveled to the northeastern part of Ukraine for a visit to the troops. He did not disclose the exact location, but he mentioned on X (formerly Twitter) that he is in the Kupjansk-Lyman region. He has met with commanders and brigades there to discuss the situation.

    Pictures were also published showing Selenskyj with soldiers. According to his office, the President asked the soldiers not to lose their motivation.

    During his visit, Selenskyj reportedly inspected German Leopard 2 tanks and CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles, according to an official video. Both were said to be deployed in the battles in the northeastern part of Ukraine, specifically in the Kupjansk front section.

  • 10/3/202310:26:27 AM

    Poland and Ukraine reach agreement on grain exports.

    Poland and Ukraine have temporarily resolved their dispute over Ukrainian grain exports. In a joint agreement with Lithuania reached on Tuesday, the countries have agreed to expedite the transit of exports to markets in Africa and the Middle East through Poland. Starting from Wednesday, exports shipped through Lithuanian ports will no longer be subject to control at the Polish-Ukrainian border, according to Poland’s Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus.
    • Getreidespeicher in der Region KiewEfrem Lukatsky/AP/dpaGetreidespeicher in der Region KiewEfrem Lukatsky/AP/dpa
    Due to the war, the traditional export route for Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea is blocked by Russia. The EU imposed trade restrictions on Ukraine for transportation through land routes in order to protect farmers in transit countries such as Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania. Grain from Ukraine was allowed to be transported through these countries but not sold there. When the restrictions expired, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia extended the ban, causing diplomatic tensions with the government in Kiev.
  • 10/3/20239:04:54 AM

    Ukrainischer Geheimdienst will Spionagering zerschlagen haben

    The Ukrainian domestic intelligence agency, SBU, has reported the arrest of 13 individuals accused of spying for Russia. According to the SBU, they have dismantled „one of the largest Russian espionage networks since the beginning of the war.“

    Die 13 Bewohner der südukrainischen Region Mykolajiw sollen laut der SBU-Darstellung für den russischen Geheimdienst FSB spioniert haben. Diesen hätten sie beispielsweise über Truppenbewegungen informiert. Auch sollen sie an der Koordinierung russischer Luftangriffe auf die gleichnamige Hauptstadt der Region Mykolajiw beteiligt gewesen sein.

    So wirft der SBU ihnen eine Beteiligung an einem Raketenangriff auf ein mehrstöckiges Gebäude in Mykolajiw im Herbst 2022 vor, bei dem sieben Zivilisten getötet worden seien. Bei der Übergabe der Geodaten sollen sie mit einem bereits im Juni der Spionage beschuldigten prorussischen Blogger zusammengearbeitet haben. Die nun festgenommenen mutmaßlichen Spione soll er über seinen Telegram-Kanal rekrutiert haben.

    The information provided by the SBU cannot be independently verified. The detainees face the possibility of lengthy prison sentences.

  • 10/3/20238:49:19 AM

    The General Inspector of the Bundeswehr does not believe that Russia is at its end.

    Bundeswehr-Generalinspekteur Carsten Breuer hält eine weitere Eskalation des derzeitigen Kriegs für nicht ausgeschlossen und dringt deswegen auf einen Ausbau der Verteidigungsfähigkeit Deutschlands und der Nato.

    Breuer pointed out that, from his perspective, there were indications of Russia’s attack on mainland Ukraine in 2022. At that time, people were stuck in a comfort zone and did not want to believe it. As a consequence, it is now necessary to support the partners who are seen as potential new frontline states.

    • Der Generalinspekteur der Bundeswehr, Carsten BreuerKay Nietfeld/dpaDer Generalinspekteur der Bundeswehr, Carsten BreuerKay Nietfeld/dpa
  • 10/3/20238:20:59 AM

    Deutschland liefert weitere Panzerfahrzeuge

    In der Ukraine sind weitere Waffen aus Deutschland angekommen. Das geht aus einer gestern aktualisierten Übersicht der Bundesregierung über gelieferte und zugesagte Militärhilfen hervor.

    So erhielt die Ukraine unter anderem 14 gepanzerte Kettenfahrzeuge, einen Brückenlege- und zwei Minenräumpanzer. In den ersten drei Quartalen dieses Jahres hat die Bundesregierung bereits Ausfuhren im Wert von 3,3 Milliarden Euro an die Ukraine genehmigt. 

  • 10/3/20237:38:06 AM

    According to the report, the integration of occupied territories is progressing slowly.

    According to a report, the process of „integrating“ the four southern Ukrainian regions of Cherson, Saporischschja, Luhansk, and Donezk into the Russian administrative apparatus is progressing slowly. This information comes from the opposition online platform Meduza, citing sources within the Russian Presidential Administration.

    According to this, the Russian government has abandoned its plans to merge the four regions annexed a year ago into a new federal district. Instead, they will now be incorporated into the existing Southern Russia federal district, which also includes Crimea, annexed in 2014.

    • Soldaten in der Region SaporischschjaUkrinform/dpaSoldaten in der Region SaporischschjaUkrinform/dpa
    One reason for this is the lack of prospects for further territorial gains. None of the four regions were able to be completely conquered by Russian troops, only Luhansk is almost fully occupied. However, in Cherson and Zaporizhia, the regional capitals are still located in Ukrainian-controlled territory. The decision not to establish a new federal district suggests that Russia’s goal is to „keep what they have“, according to the report.

    Another reason: The Russian government is having difficulties finding suitable officials for leadership positions in the occupied regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia, which unlike Luhansk and Donetsk, have not been partially occupied since 2014. Serious officials who would give these positions the desired weight would refuse to permanently live and work in the occupied regions due to the high security risk, Meduza writes. There have been a number of attacks on occupation officials since last year.

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