The Labour Party’s turnaround: Britons should not expect miracles.

In the British Parliament, Keir Starmer serves as the leader of the Labour Party. Bild: AFP

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, has realigned the party towards the center. This gives him a good chance of taking power in the UK. However, his party lacks a concept for promoting economic growth.

VFour years ago, the British Labour Party suffered a crushing defeat in the parliamentary election. Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, they achieved their worst result since 1935. The old Marxist Corbyn, who dreamed of extensive nationalizations in the economy and pursued a misguided foreign policy, proved to be a deterrent to voters. This allowed Boris Johnson to triumph until he fell in 2022 due to his character and content deficiencies. Now, both of them are history.

Keir Starmer, the successor to Corbyn as Labour leader, has brought about a change in the party. He has sidelined Corbyn’s far-left brigade, expelled the former leader from the faction, and addressed antisemitism scandals. Starmer’s recent reshuffling of the shadow cabinet promotes several prominent figures from the Tony Blair line. The party is moving back towards the center.