The German Radio Award recognizes the report „Costly Housing“ and the live broadcast from a correctional facility with awards.

The best radio makers in Germany were celebrated in Hamburg with a gala and performances by several music stars. The German Radio Award aims to recognize those who are otherwise unseen, said radio presenter Thorsten Schorn at the start of the 14th edition. „Being nominated is already an achievement of talent, hard work, and a good sense of what interests people.“

Morgensendung erhielt die Show „Unser Team für Berlin“ mit Simone Panteleit vom Berliner Rundfunk 91.4. I cannot reword.ReportageSteen Lorenzen and Stephan Ziegert received recognition from radioeins vom RBB and for their seven-part radio podcast „Teurer Wohnen“ (Expensive Living). The reportage was described as „intelligent, comprehensible, and captivating“, and was also praised for its extensive research across borders.

Beste Programmaktion von kleinem Lokalsender

Eine Trophäe für die beste Programmaktion ging an Tobias Fenneker und Sinah Jakobsmeyer vom Radio Hochstift für die Aktion „Wir haben Depressionen“. „Es gibt wohl kaum ein Thema, das so verbreitet ist und zugleich so heikel. Auf anschauliche, lebensnahe und feinfühlige Weise hat ein kleiner Lokalsender das Schweigen gebrochen“, las Bahnrad-Weltmeisterin Kristina Vogel die Begründung der Grimme-Jury vor.

Eva Deinert and Yvonne Maier (Bayern 2) were awarded in the category of best information format for their four-part podcast radioWissen – Die Olympia-Protokolle. The N-Joy Reeperbus by Alex Franz and Frank Probst (NDR) was recognized as the best music format, a category that was newly introduced. Tobias Brodowy from WDR 5 won in the category of best entertainment with the radio comedy Grüße aus der Zukunft. Isabelle Ihden from the private radio station Radio Teddy took home the title of best newcomer.

Live-Sendung aus JVA und Sonntagstalk mit Bestatter

The four-hour program Bremen Next in the afternoon – Live from the JVA Oslebshausen by Radio Bremen journalists Jochen Burchard and Larissa Sobral was awarded as the best show. According to the jury, the best interview was conducted by Sabrina Gander from Donau 3 FM with her Sunday talk show Sabrina meets … Funeral director Daniel Streidt. And last but not least, Maurice Moore from BigFM was awarded in the category of best male/female host.

Among the speakers of the evening were Aminata Belli, crime author Sebastian Fitzek, radio and ESC legend Peter Urban, comedians Oliver Kalkofe and Michael Kessler, as well as the wife of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Elke Büdenbender.