The Finance Minister of Greece stated, „We are destined to succeed.“

Eine griechische Flagge ist vor dem Parlamentsgebäude in der griechischen Hauptstadt zu sehen. Bild: dpa

Recently, Greece has been making progress. The new Finance Minister, Kostis Chatzidakis, is optimistic about the economic success of his country. However, there are still a few obstacles that the Greeks need to overcome.

Griechenland hat in jüngerer Zeit eine beeindruckende wirtschaftliche Erholung erlebt. Doch jetzt sind die Zinsen gestiegen, die Inflation bleibt hoch, und die Konjunktur kühlt sich ab. Kommt Griechenland jetzt wieder an seine Grenzen?

Christian Schubert

Wirtschaftskorrespondent für Italien und Griechenland.

No. Greece has been a positive surprise for Europe and the financial markets in the past four years. This can be directly attributed to the government’s policies: tax cuts, reduced social contributions for businesses, and an overall business-friendly strategy that simplifies the entrepreneurial environment. As a result, we have achieved high growth, a significant reduction in unemployment, rapid fiscal consolidation, as well as a steep increase in foreign direct investments and exports. The growth in the second quarter of 2023 is 1.3 percent higher than the previous quarter and 2.7 percent higher than the previous year, which is at the upper end of analysts‘ expectations. Our growth model has gradually improved – despite the pandemic, the international energy crisis, and the imbalances from the crisis years. We pursue a policy of common sense, aligning ourselves with the best European standards. This allows us to avoid reinventing the wheel – which is often a temptation in Greece. We are destined for success and fully determined to succeed.