The fallen Barclay billionaires are fighting for their newspaper.

In the photo: Sir David Barclay, who passed away in 2021, is on the left, alongside his twin brother Sir Frederick. Bild: picture alliance / AP Photo

They had an argument and are heavily in debt. They have lost their beloved newspaper „The Telegraph“. However, they are desperately trying to get it back.

EThere was a time when the twin brothers David and Frederick Barclay were considered billionaires multiple times. The „Times“ regularly included them in their list of the richest Britons. It was an astonishing rise for the twins, born in 1934, who had worked their way up from humble beginnings in West London with skill and luck. Their father, who passed away early, had been a traveling salesman for candies, and the family had a total of eight children.

Philip Plickert

Economic correspondent based in London.

At the age of 15, the twins left school and started working as accountants in 1950. Later, they worked as painters and wallpaperers. In the 1960s, they began buying their first properties and over the following decades, they built an empire with hotels, a shipping line, breweries, newspaper titles, and retail companies.