The Association of Municipalities in Germany is calling for refugees to be granted work permits from the beginning of their migration process.

GeflüchteteThe German Association of Cities and Municipalities has demanded that people should be allowed to work in Germany from the first day if they have a prospect of recognition. Gerd Landsberg, the CEO of the association, stated that those who have a perspective of staying should also immediately receive a work permit.

Arbeit könne einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Integration leisten, und der Bedarf auf dem Arbeitsmarkt sei da. „Auch bei dem Betrieb von Gemeinschaftsunterkünften braucht es unterschiedliche Berufsgruppen“, sagte er. Wichtig wäre es aus Landsbergs Sicht auch, Vorkenntnisse von Geflüchteten schon bei der Registrierung zu erfassen.

However, he is skeptical about the discussion on mandatory community service for asylum seekers. He believes that the expectations are „partly too high“ and that there are limited capacities and significant bureaucratic efforts involved. Additionally, there are insufficient sanctions for those who do not participate. „What is needed is not symbolic politics, but pragmatic approaches to dealing with the refugees who are already here and a limitation on future immigration.“

The chairman of the SPD, Lars Klingbeil, expressed his willingness to discuss the Union’s proposal to require asylum seekers to perform community service during their application process. Austria is already planning to implement this. The chairman of the CSU, Markus Söder, has announced a similar program.