Technische Analyse: Welche Chancen Dax-Wechsel bieten

Kurs Richtung Dax? Eine Boeing-747 der Lufthansa auf dem Flughafen Frankfurt Bild: dpa

After the index adjustment comes before the index adjustment: When considering potential investments, it is worth looking at the potential next promotions and demotions after a change.

ZThere was no change in the composition of the Dax 40 during the regular semi-annual index adjustment in September, but the upcoming changes in the Euro Stoxx 50 (starting from September 18, 2023; removal of Vonovia and – due to a special situation – CRH, inclusion of Ferrari and Saint-Gobain) illustrate that there is typically a medium-term underperformance or outperformance of the inclusion and exclusion stocks compared to the index development.

Therefore, from a technical perspective and with regard to potential investments, it makes sense to analyze the situation of the next potential candidates for inclusion and exclusion after the index adjustment. In the case of the Dax, this puts Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) (weak technical hold position) and Deutsche Lufthansa (contrarian, technical buy) in focus.