Taiwan detects Chinese military aircraft and warships in the China-Taiwan conflict.

TaiwanAccording to its own statements, Taiwan has detected dozens of military aircraft and some ships from the Chinese Navy around its coasts. The Defense Ministry announced that 68 aircraft and 10 ships have been identified. It was reported that 40 planes had entered Taiwan’s southern air defense zone. The Taiwanese government regularly reports on such actions by the Chinese military, but this time the number of aircraft was relatively high.

Das demokratische Taiwan mit rund 24 Millionen Einwohnern
hat seit 1949 eine unabhängige Regierung, doch Peking betrachtet die Insel als
Teil der Volksrepublik China und hat in der Vergangenheit immer wieder mit
einer Invasion gedroht.

China und Taiwan aus.China und Taiwan und dessen
Verbündeten wie den USA aus. Am vergangenen Wochenende durchquerten
ein US-amerikanischer Zerstörer und eine Fregatte der kanadischen Marine die
Passage, was China kritisierte.

Several international media outlets have reported in recent days that China is currently conducting a large-scale military exercise in the Western Pacific near Taiwan. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not provide specific details about the exercise. Spokesperson Mao Ning only mentioned that Taiwan is part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China.