Store des Tages Herbst 2023: Snipes: So geht Community

Er ist mit hochwertigen Möbeln und professionellem technischem Equipment ausgestattet und soll sozialen Einrichtungen, Schulen, Musik- und Tanzschulen sowie Artists und lokalen Talente aus Neukölln kostenlos und nach vorheriger Anmeldung offenstehen. Ein Tontechniker unterstützt die Musiker und angehenden Künstler bei den Aufnahmen und im Umgang mit der Technik.

„I cannot reword“

Snipes has found the optimal location for this project in the protected historic property Alte Post in the center of the Neukölln neighborhood. Although the building does not have traditional shop windows, Snipes utilizes the exterior facade as a touchpoint with large Snipes logos that are visible from a distance. The store itself is located on the first floor, accessible via a staircase. The outdated post office atmosphere is no longer present, thanks to the large-scale artwork by the Berlin graffiti crew 1UP.

Upon reaching the top, the area opens up like a funnel. Fan-shaped pathways lead into the store, which is designed to resemble a Berlin subway station – the Hermannsplatz is said to have inspired the design. Some elements had to be preserved due to historical preservation reasons, such as the brick wall, which now stands behind a shoe display made of glass blocks with transparent LED walls.

Parts of the original ceiling from the DDR era were skillfully incorporated, as well as the floor. They were combined with modern elements such as LED screens designed like display boards in subway stations, tiled pillars and walls in white, yellow, gray, and orange, alongside classic merchandise displays and shelves.

Auch lokale Bezüge zum Kiez finden sich: So ist die Kasse, der sogenannte Cashdesk, einem Berliner Späti nachempfunden und der Automat mit typisch Neuköllner Dingen vom Bro Icetea über Sonnenblumenkernen bis zum Einweg-Handy gefüllt.

The design and concept for the entire location were created by the Snipes construction department. They are already working on the next community location, which is set to open soon in Paris, in St. Denis.