Store des Tages Herbst 2023: Pas Normal Studios klickt in München ein

Pas Normal Studios hat jetzt seinen ersten Store in Deutschland eröffnet, was eine neue Anlaufstelle für Radsport-Fans darstellt.

Der Herbst steht vor der Tür und mit ihm zahlreiche Eröffnungen im Modehandel. Zeit, eine neue Runde der Serie „Store des Tages“ einzuläuten. Vom kleinen, inhabergeführten Concept Store bis zum Platzhirsch – in den nächsten Wochen stellt die TextilWirtschaft wieder täglich einen neu eröffneten oder frisch umgebauten Laden vor. Heute: Pas Normal Studios in München.

The Danish cycling brand Pas Normal Studios has opened its first store in Germany. This provides the cycling community in Munich with a new place to enjoy coffee, rides, and stylish jerseys. In the fashion industry, one of the founders of Pas Normal Studios, Karl-Oskar Olsen, is well-known for creating Wood Wood. However, he now focuses mainly on cycling, specifically Pas Normal Studios, where he serves as the creative director. Peter Lange is the CEO and co-founder.
According to their own statements, they took their time to start in Germany. The two CEOs report that it took over two years from the decision to start here until the opening. Now, the 180m² store on Fraunhofer Straße 10 has been open since the end of August. Initially, they had their eye on a location at Odeonsplatz, but ultimately decided on this one. The previous tenant was the delivery service Gorillas.

Store des Tages Herbst 2023: Pas Normal Studios in München

CEO Peter Lange: „Der Standort ist wichtig, wir haben uns für einen Standort entschieden, der zur Radfahrergemeinde in München passt − ja, es gibt Straßenverkehr vor dem Laden, aber wir wollen auch unseren eigenen Verkehr, den Fahrradverkehr, erzeugen.“

Fokus Community

Die Rolle des Ladens sei es, die lokale Radsportgemeinde zusammenzubringen, den Leuten die Möglichkeit zu geben, die Produkte anzufassen und anzuprobieren − „besonders, da wir relativ neu sind, gibt es den Leuten die Möglichkeit, auch die Größen zu überprüfen. Es ist eine Gelegenheit, sich tiefer mit der Marke zu verbinden.“

Sune Nikolajsen, Head of Retail, adds: „Other sports brands have their headquarters in this region, Munich is a big city, there are other sports brands here, and people are very athletic – many factors came together to make the decision.“ When considering different German cities, „Munich stood out for several reasons – the size of the city is perfect – if you go south, you quickly reach the mountains.“

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If you mention style and cycling, you must also mention Rapha. The cycling brand is well-known for its designs as well as its establishments – the clubhouses, a combination of store, café, and meeting place for the cycling community. The opening of the expanded location in Munich was recently celebrated.

The new store is not only an investment from a sales perspective, but also aims to strengthen the bond between cyclists and the brand. Karl-Oskar Olsen: „This is an important point, which is why we also organize regular rides. You can come in, have a coffee, and simply have a good time. And what is important to us is that the store and the rides have an inclusive approach. No one should feel like they have to show up in full Pas Normal Studios kit in order to join. It’s about the shared passion for cycling. We want to inspire the dedicated cyclist.“

Danish Design

Except for the coffee machine from Florence, Danish companies were involved in furnishing. The store design, like the headquarters in Copenhagen, was created by OEO Studio. The interior consists of products from Ambiente and Frama, with lighting from Anker & Co. The Italian brand La Marzocco’s coffee machine is centrally located in the checkout area. Coffee specialties are served using beans from the Danish roastery Coffee Collective. The video and sound system also come from Denmark, specifically from B&O.

Pas Normal Studios is active in its own e-commerce and also in wholesale. However, it is very selective. The brand is only available in the local brick-and-mortar retail stores at Bungalow in Stuttgart and Asphaltgold in Darmstadt, with the Casualwear collection, as well as at BoBikes in Cologne and Cykel Butik in Berlin.

The Munich store is the sixth one worldwide. Additionally, there are stores in Copenhagen, Mallorca, San Francisco, as well as partner-operated branches in Seoul, Korea, and Taipei, Taiwan. A store in Singapore is set to open this fall. It is rumored that the creators are also considering other cities in Germany, such as Hamburg. However, Olsen and Lange stated that they do not want to exceed the expansion pace but rather continue to grow organically.