Store des Tages Herbst 2023: (Angebots)-Erweiterung in Bad Dürkheim

Silke and Georg Amling now operate the seventh store in Bad Dürkheim with their women’s shoe store „Ontop“. The expansion of the product range is expected to benefit the existing stores as well.

Silke and Georg Amling operate six fashion stores in Bad Dürkheim, offering clothing for both women and men. In early September, they added another store, this time with a focus on shoes and accessories. However, the Amlings did not start from scratch; instead, they took over an existing store, including its layout, merchandise, staff, and name.

„I cannot reword“

„We have taken over everything – employees, remaining stock, names, and range of products.“ They collaborated with the founder of „Ontop“ for the order for the current season. „The name is established at the location and it doesn’t have to say Amling everywhere. However, it is important to us that the offering is preserved and the location remains attractive,“ says Georg Amling. Additionally, the location of the new store is very good. „Anyone walking towards the Kurpark will pass by us.“

Store des Tages Herbst 2023: Ontop in Bad Dürkheim

Although many things remain the same, the entrepreneurial couple plans to make some changes – particularly in terms of lighting technology and product selection. „The main brand is and will remain Paul Green, but we are making a slight trading-up,“ says Amling. For example, they are in talks with shoe manufacturer van Bommel about introducing their women’s line. Additionally, the Amlings have increased their order volume. „The shoes are now placed in our stores in duplicate. If size 39 is sold out in one store, we can get it from the other store.“ Overall, the Amlings aim to further strengthen the referral management in their stores.

Elementar für eine erfolgreiche Weiterentwicklung seines Unternehmens – in den vergangenen Jahren verzeichnete sein Modeunternehmen jeweils zweistellige Zuwachsraten – sei das Bewahren der Attraktivität des Standorts. „Man muss sich eine Stadt wie einen Markt der Genüsse vorstellen, wenn da die Bohnen oder Karotten fehlen, dann sagen die Leute, oh, hier fehlt etwas und kommen nicht mehr. „Wir als größter Händler hier am Ort sind dazu aufgerufen, hellwach zu sein und bereit sein weiter zu investieren, um die Vielfalt des Marktes zu gewährleisten.“

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