SPIEGEL-Klimakonferenz: Robert Habeck beziffert Chancen auf Industriestrompreis auf »Fifty-fifty«

Bundeswirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck (Grüne) im Gespräch mit Isabell Hülsen und Melanie Amann

Bundeswirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck (Grüne) im Gespräch mit Isabell Hülsen und Melanie Amann

Foto: Frank Beer / DER SPIEGEL / BCG

In the dispute over a state-subsidized, lower industrial electricity price, Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck estimated the chances of its implementation within the traffic light coalition as „fifty-fifty“. „So far, we have not been able to achieve a unified position within the federal government,“ said the Green politician in an interview on the occasion of the SPIEGEL Climate Conference and the consulting firm Boston Consulting Group.

Habeck emphasized once again the need for implementing this measure. „It won’t be the case that this industry disappears tomorrow, but it may not be sustainable in the future the day after tomorrow,“ he said.

„I cannot reword“

In fact, the energy-intensive industry in Germany is particularly suffering in international competition due to the high costs of energy in the country. However, the German government has so far been unable to agree on the assistance favored by the Greens, just as the FDP has been unable to push through its demand for lower electricity taxes. There is high skepticism among liberals and the SPD towards a subsidized industrial electricity price.

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Despite the overall difficult economic situation, Habeck stated: „For entrepreneurs, the best advice may be to do nothing at all this year.“ „However, a government that does not take action now will not fulfill its job properly.“

According to Habeck, this also includes unpopular decisions. „We have to moderate a turning point. And that doesn’t just mean there is war in Europe, but there is a crisis of globalization, I would say, a long-term change in globalization,“ said Habeck. And: „It would be a mistake to say that we only do what the majority wants at the moment. This is not a beauty contest.“

At the same time, Habeck warned that society as a whole should not turn a blind eye to the necessity of climate protection measures – including the controversial heating law. He would have advised against people who have recently bought a new gas heating system. „I am particularly saddened for those people who have now bought a new oil or gas heating system, especially for economic reasons,“ he said.