Schweden: Zwei Menschen in Kneipe erschossen – wohl Zusammehang mit Bandenkriminalität

Tatort in Sandviken: Gewalttat im Pub

Tatort in Sandviken: Gewalttat im Pub

Foto: Henrik Hansson / TT News Agency / AP

Schüsse in einer Kneipe im schwedischen Sandviken haben zwei Todesopfer gefordert. Der Vorfall in der etwa 160 Kilometer nordwestlich von Stockholm gelegenen Kleinstadt soll im Zusammenhang mit der Bandengewalt in dem skandinavischen Land stehen.

On late Thursday evening, several people were injured, two of whom later succumbed to their severe injuries. The Swedish police, responsible for the case, announced on Friday that the victims were men aged around 20 and 70 years old. Two other individuals were also injured, but no suspects have been arrested yet. The pub posted on Facebook that it will remain closed over the weekend due to this tragic incident.

According to information from the SVT broadcaster and other Swedish media, the crime is believed to once again have connections to the criminal underworld. It is reported that one of the victims was the target of the perpetrators, while the other deceased and the injured individuals were innocent bystanders.

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At the beginning of the month, a 13-year-old boy was discovered in a forest near his home in the vicinity of Stockholm with a gunshot wound to the head. Prosecutor Lisa dos Santos stated on Thursday that his death is a shocking illustration of „severe and utterly reckless gang violence.“

Sweden has been struggling with a growing problem of gang crime for years and is currently experiencing another wave of violence this month. This is believed to be linked to an internal conflict within a criminal network in the capital region of Stockholm. The police are investigating whether the recent shootings in Sandviken are connected to this conflict or to previous incidents involving firearms.

During the campaign for the Swedish parliamentary election in September 2022, the issues with gangs played a significant role, following the formation of a new right-conservative government in the country. This government has made a promise to address and control the problem.