Romantische Gesten: Gewonnene Liebesmüh

In der Reihe „Die Pflichtverteidigung“ ergreifen wir das Wort für Personen, Tiere, Dinge oder Gewohnheiten, die von vielen kritisiert und abgelehnt werden. Dieser Artikel ist Teil von ZEIT am Wochenende, Ausgabe 39/2023.

When Taylor Swift was still struggling to get rid of her image as an apolitical country star, Travis Kelce was already a successful man with big dreams. As early as 2016, the then 27-year-old football player was searching for the love of his life and had a dating show tailored specifically for him. The format was similar to „The Bachelor,“ but instead of the usual prize (a mechanical engineering student from Weil am Rhein), the show offered a top player and earner from the National Football League, with a perfectly chiseled jawline. However, neither Kelce nor his chosen one found happiness in this situation, as they broke up after a few months.