Roger Whittaker: Der Deutschen liebster Engländer

Oh, that warm and soft baritone voice! When one hears it again today, one is inevitably filled with the same comfort, regardless of whether the baritone sings about pleasant or unpleasant topics, about the glow of love or its extinguishment. „Abschied ist ein scharfes Schwert“ (Farewell is a sharp sword) is one of his most successful songs: „Abschied ist ein scharfes Schwert / That often pierces deep into your heart / You are struck / And cannot defend yourself“, in the end one must forget the „hours of love“, because „life goes on“. Nevertheless, the singer falls in love with women again and again, even though he knows they harm him: „Her name was Eloisa / And she seemed a bit suspicious to me“ – and rightly so! Because at the end of his song Eloisa, „the king“ in him becomes „a beggar“: „I sit on the ruins / Of many dreams / That you took from me“.