Putsch in Chile – Gedanken zum 50. Jahrestag des Putsches in Chile

50 years ago, fascist military officials in Chile overthrew the democratically elected socialist Allende from the presidency. Allende paid with his life, along with 40,000 other leftists, union members, and opposition figures. The coup was carried out, in part, at the request of the USA and with active support from the CIA. The USA did not want to tolerate a second Cuba in the American continent. Instead, they tolerated violence, misery, and death.

Auch 2023 erinnern Linke auf der ganzen Welt an dieses Ereignis. Ein Ereignis, das zeigt, um was es in dieser Welt geht. Damals wie heute. Geld. Macht und Einfluss.

The Puhdys sang about the coup in 1974 in „Unser Lied ist euer Schrei“ with the lyrics „A dream that came to life.“

And it is precisely this dream that, despite all setbacks and defeats, continues to give people hope. The dream of a democratic world of solidarity, justice, and peace. A world in which violence and war are not means of politics. This dream lives on. Despite 40,000 deaths in Chile. Despite the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. Despite the countless deaths of Stalinist purges. Dreams can be beaten down, defamed, belittled, and banned. But they will never be killed.