Public restrooms: „I do not have a penis and I do not have 50 cents.“

Going to the playground with the kids, having a beer in the park, summer – wonderful. Until at some point, the need to urinate arises. Then the group splits. The male part: confidently walking to the restroom. Oh, a pay toilet? No change on hand. So off to the bushes. Or there’s a free urinal waiting at the restroom cubicle, free of charge, always accessible – a winning smile.

The other group, mostly women, or in general
Sit-down pee-ers: Do you have 50 cents? Searching, searching, fumbling, fumbling. Inside: the
stainless steel glasses covered in ejaculate, excrement underneath, the toilet paper empty. If there is a lack of 50 cents, the
toilet is broken or nonexistent, sometimes leaving only squatting between two
parked cars. All
far from human dignity.