Prozentrechnen für den Heizungstausch

AOn Friday afternoon, the time had come: After an almost two-hour discussion – significantly longer than planned due to many interruptions – the Bundestag decided on the reform of the Building Energy Act with the votes of the traffic light coalition. And exactly as agreed upon by the SPD, Greens, and FDP factions at the end of June. If the Federal Council also gives its approval, the GEG will come into effect on January 1, 2024.

Julia Löhr

Wirtschaftskorrespondentin in Berlin.

In principle, newly installed heating systems must run on at least 65 percent renewable energy. However, initially, this requirement will only apply in new residential areas. Outside of these neighborhoods, the city or county must first develop a municipal heat plan before the new rules apply to homeowners. Cities with more than 100,000 residents have until June 30, 2026, to complete the heat planning, while all others have until June 30, 2028. The Green Party faction leader, Katharina Dröge, described the law as a „huge step for climate protection.“