Protestbewegung im Iran: Vater von Jîna Mahsa Amini offenbar kurzzeitig festgenommen

Der Vater von Jîna Mahsa Amini ist laut Menschenrechtsaktivisten am ersten Todestag seine Tochter kurzzeitig festgenommen worden. Amdschad Amini habe gerade sein Haus im Iran verlassen, als ihn Einheiten der Revolutionsgarden (IRGC) festsetzten. Das teilte die in Norwegen ansässige Menschenrechtsorganisation Hengaw mit. Wenig später meldete die in Paris ansässige Gruppe Kurdistan Human Rights Network, er sei wieder auf freiem Fuß. 

The arrest was not initially confirmed by official sources.IransThe state media denied the news as false. The state news agency IRNA reported that Amini’s father is at home. According to Kurdish activists, the man was briefly interrogated.

Verwarnung wegen Gedenkfeier

Amini’s family is said to have been intimidated in the past weeks. Amini’s father initially announced a traditional religious memorial service at his daughter’s grave. According to Iranian exile media, he was subsequently summoned and warned by the authorities.

Erstmals jährt sich der Tod der jungen Frau, der im Herbst 2022 die schwersten Aufstände im Iran seit Jahrzehnten ausgelöst hatte. Islamische Sittenwächter hatten die damals 22-Jährige wegen eines angeblich nicht richtig getragenen Kopftuchs festgenommen. 

What exactly happened afterwards is unclear – ultimately, the woman fell into a coma and died in a hospital. Amini’s parents expressed doubts early on about the official statement that their daughter had died as a result of an illness. The death had sparked months-long demonstrations across the country against the repressive policies of the Islamic leadership. According to non-governmental organizations, hundreds of people were killed during these protests, and seven men were executed.

Aminis Heimatort wohl abgeriegelt

The Iranian government has issued a warning about protests throughout the country on the first anniversary of a death. There was increased police presence in the capital city of Tehran, and strict security measures were implemented in Kurdish areas.

According to reports, military units and other forces have been deployed to cities around Amini’s hometown of Saghes. Saghes itself is said to be sealed off. Additionally, numerous new surveillance cameras have been installed. Residents of the Kurdish areas also mentioned increased controls.

Strikes have been reported in several cities in the Kurdish parts of the country. However, the state news agency Irna reported that the situation in Sakes is „completely calm“.

Unterstützung von Baerbock

While protesters in Iran fear for their safety, rallies and demonstrations are planned in Germany and other countries to commemorate the anniversary. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock promised further support against oppression to the people in Iran. „We are putting the fates of the people in Iran on the agenda in Brussels, New York, and Geneva,“ stated the Green Party politician.

The relations between Germany and Iran are tense. After the nationwide protests, Baerbock openly criticized the violent actions of the Iranian government against the demonstrators. Iranian politicians, on the other hand, repeatedly accused Germany of interfering in the country’s internal affairs.