Over one million retirees are still employed.

IAccording to a report, an increasing number of retirees are working in Germany. Currently, there are 1,123,000 employees who are over 67 years old, surpassing the regular retirement age, as reported by the „RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland“ (RND) citing responses from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to parliamentary inquiries from the Left Party.

The number consists of 251,000 retirees who are covered by social insurance and 872,000 retirees who are exclusively employed in marginal part-time jobs. The fact that the majority are only employed in 520-euro mini-jobs is seen by the Left as a clear indication that more and more retirees have to work in order to make a living.

Linke fordert eine Erhöhung der Renten.

„I cannot reword“

The leader of the Left Party in the Bundestag, Dietmar Bartsch, called for an extraordinary increase in pensions last week, either by ten percent or a minimum of 200 euros per month. He also demanded that the pension level in Germany be raised to „at least 53 percent“ again, which is currently around 48 percent.