Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor, appears for the first time without an eye patch after a jogging accident.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz is now able to appear in public without an eye patch again. For a week and a half, the SPD politician relied on the aid after his sports accident. At a peace meeting of the Catholic community Sant’Egidio in Berlin, the Chancellor appeared without an eye patch. The swelling and abrasions on his face had visibly healed, although remnants of a bruise were still visible as dark shadows around his eye.

Over the weekend at the G20 summit in India, the Chancellor wore an eyepatch. The fact that Scholz had to wear this aid attracted a lot of attention, especially on social media.

Freundlicher Spott aus der Ampelkoalition

The 65-year-old man fell while jogging on his usual route in Potsdam and landed on his face. As a result of his facial injuries, he has been wearing a black eye patch. A photo of the SPD politician with facial wounds and an eye patch was posted on the official X-Account (formerly Twitter) of the government leader. Scholz wrote, „I’m curious about the memes.“

There were plenty of memes on the internet, but even in the Bundestag, Scholz had to endure friendly ridicule from his coalition colleagues. Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner said, „The Chancellor’s field of vision is temporarily somewhat limited to the right“ – referring to the Chancellor’s restricted field of view, which may have hindered his view of the AfD faction sitting on the right side of the hall.