Mutmaßlicher Übergriff bei Sommerfest: BND-Mitarbeiter sollen Kollegin betäubt und vergewaltigt haben

Abhörstation des Bundesnachrichtendienstes bei Bad Aibling

Abhörstation des Bundesnachrichtendienstes bei Bad Aibling

Foto: Volker Preußler / IMAGO

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During an internal celebration of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), there is said to have been a sexual assault. According to information from SPIEGEL, two employees are accused of drugging and raping a colleague. The incident is said to have occurred in mid-July during a summer festival held at the BND branch in Bad Aibling, Bavaria.

The Social Service and the management of the BND were informed about the case shortly afterwards, and the employee was advised to contact the police. Subsequently, she filed a report and the alleged crime scene was examined for evidence.

Schönheit und Größenwahn

Den weiß-blauen Himmel über Schloss Neuschwanstein, den hat die CSU gemacht, oder etwa nicht? In Bayern wird in einem Monat gewählt, da häufen sich die Lobpreisungen der Regierenden auf ihren Freistaat. Aber passen sie noch zur Realität? Eine Erkundungstour durch den Süden der Republik.

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Since July 20th, the Traunstein public prosecutor’s office has been investigating the case. „The complainant has been questioned, and the accused have also been given the legally required opportunity to provide a statement,“ said the responsible chief public prosecutor. There are „extensive“ investigations underway.

The BND also filed a criminal complaint, as confirmed by the agency upon request. „The Federal Intelligence Service has a great interest in a swift and comprehensive clarification of the matter and fully supports the ongoing investigations,“ said a spokesperson. Due to the privacy rights of those affected, further comments on the matter cannot be provided.

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The BND is said to have issued a „ban on entry“ against the suspects, meaning they are not allowed to report for duty until further notice. The two men are said to deny the allegations; their lawyers were initially unavailable for comment.

In recent months, the foreign intelligence service has come under increasing pressure due to the scandal involving an alleged Russian spy within its ranks and growing criticism of its foreign surveillance activities.