Mini-Solaranlagen: Kabinett verabschiedet Erleichterungen für Balkonkraftwerke

Die BundesregierungThe Federal Cabinet has initiated legal simplifications for the use of mini-solar systems in rental and owned apartments. The Federal Minister of Justice, Marco Buschmann (FDP), introduced a bill that was approved by the Federal Cabinet. This will significantly relax the legal requirements for plug-in solar devices, also known as balcony power plants.

In the future, they should be considered as a „privileged structural change“. This would give homeowners and tenants the right to approval for the operation of their system by the homeowners or landlords. According to the Federal Ministry of Justice, other homeowners would have a say in the installation of the systems in the future.

The mini solar systems are popular because their acquisition is supported in many cities or states. Consumer advocates and the energy ministers of the states had demanded a legal simplification for the installation of the systems. „Those who want to contribute to the energy transition on their balcony should not be unnecessarily burdened,“ said Minister Marco Buschmann.

Virtual meetings for property owners are possible.

The recently approved draft law, submitted by the Federal Minister of Justice, also includes the option of virtual condominium owners‘ meetings. The owners would need to pass a corresponding resolution with a three-quarters majority. The meeting could then take place „exclusively online.“