Mexiko: Angebliche Mumien von Außerirdischen im Parlament vorgeführt

Jaime Maussan und die angebliche Mumie eines Außerirdischen

Jaime Maussan und die angebliche Mumie eines Außerirdischen

Foto: IMAGO/Luis Barron / Eyepix Group / Avalon / IMAGO/

A self-proclaimed UFO expert showcased two alleged alien mummies in the Mexican parliament. Journalist Jaime Maussan presented two boxes containing the purported mummified remains of „non-human beings“ during a hearing at the parliamentary building on Tuesday (local time).

The unprecedented hearing was organized by the representative Sergio Gutiérrez „in the name of public interest.“

Maussan claims to have discovered the mummies in Peru. Specialists from the National University of Mexico dated them to be approximately 1000 years old using radiocarbon measurements. In response, the university released a statement on Thursday clarifying that the work of the National Laboratory for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (LEMA) was solely intended to determine the age of the samples. They emphasized that no conclusions were made regarding the origin of the samples.

Selbst ernannter UFO-Experte Jamie Maussan

Selbst ernannter UFO-Experte Jamie Maussan


In 2017, Maussan made similar claims about a mummy discovery in Peru. A report from the country’s prosecutor’s office at the time concluded that the mummies shown were recently made dolls coated with a mixture of paper and synthetic adhesive to create a skin-like appearance.

According to the report, the figures were most likely made by humans. It was stated that they were „not the remains of extraterrestrials“. The bodies were not publicly displayed at that time. Therefore, it is unclear if the same ones were presented in the Mexican Congress now.

The congress did not take a position on the statements.

According to Julieta Fierro, a researcher at the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, many details about the figures „do not make sense“. Fierro suggests that a more advanced technology than X-rays would be needed to determine whether the allegedly calcified bodies are „non-human“.

Laut Maussan wurden die angeblichen Mumien in Peru entdeckt

According to Maussan, the alleged mummies were discovered in Peru.

Foto: IMAGO/Luis Barron / Eyepix Group / Avalon / IMAGO/

„I cannot reword“

The Congress did not take a position on the theses presented during the session, which lasted over three hours. However, the demonstration in parliament triggered numerous amused comments on social media. One user on the online service X (formerly Twitter) wrote that it showed „the disregard this country has for science.“ Others shared videos of the event with comments such as „the Martians have landed,“ and one user called for making UFO expert Maussan the „President for intergalactic relations.“