Metronom, a competitor of Bahn, announces train cancellations.

Metronom-Zug in Uelzen

Metronom-Zug in Uelzen

Foto: Philipp Schulze/ dpa

Passengers traveling by train in Lower Saxony, Bremen, and Hamburg should expect further train cancellations in the network operated by the private railway company Metronom in the coming days and weeks. The reasons for this are an increased number of sick leave among train drivers and additional shifts required due to construction sites, as announced by the company in Uelzen on Thursday. „Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict exactly which trains will be canceled,“ the company stated. Cancellations may occur throughout the entire network.

Metronom recently announced that it would reduce the schedule on the lines between Hamburg and Bremen, as well as between Hamburg, Uelzen, and Hannover, due to a lack of personnel. This temporary measure will be in effect until the schedule change in December for the RE3, RB31, RE4, and RB41 lines. The additional trains that used to run during peak hours to relieve the regular trains have been suspended. This change aims to make the trains less frequent but more reliable.

Passengers are advised to obtain information through the use of an application.

„I cannot reword“

The railway company stated that they are working diligently to fill open train driver shifts. They are also seeking assistance from personnel from Metronom sister companies. The objective is to minimize widespread train cancellations as much as possible. Passengers are advised to check their connections before their journey through apps or the internet.