Messe in Husum: Zitterpartie für die Windbranche

JJürgen Zeschky does not see the danger of the production of wind turbines and related components disappearing from Germany. „If we continue as we have been, there is a great risk that it will go the same way as photovoltaics,“ says the CEO of wind turbine manufacturer Enercon from Aurich. Solar cells, which convert solar energy into electricity, were once a hopeful industry in Germany. However, German manufacturers could not withstand the competition from the Far East. Many companies gave up. Now it is the wind industry that is struggling with major problems – despite all the commitments of the government to climate protection and greater economic independence.

At the industry fair in Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, the uncertainty is palpable this week. While orders are increasing compared to the crisis year 2022, partly due to improved and more efficient approval processes for onshore wind farms. However, the recovery in the German domestic market is not yet sufficient to fully utilize local turbine manufacturers‘ facilities such as Enercon, Nordex, or Siemens Gamesa after a long period of struggle. There are still many obstacles, says Martin Knops, Chief Technology Officer of ZF Wind Power, a supplier to turbine manufacturers. „We need a new industrial policy to give the industry new impetus.“