Krieg in der Ukraine: Wolodymyr Selenskyj in Kanada eingetroffen

Kanada gereist.Kanada gereist. Trudeau empfing ihn, als er in der Hauptstadt Ottawa aus dem Flugzeug stieg, wie im kanadischen Fernsehen zu sehen war. 

In addition, Selenskyj is scheduled to give a speech before the parliament. Afterwards, the Ukrainian President will travel to Toronto to meet with Canadian business leaders.

Although Selenskyj had already spoken to the Canadian Parliament via video conference, this is his first visit to Canada since the start of the war. Prior to this, he visited President Joe Biden in the United States, where he sought more support in the Russian attack war.

Trudeau will Ukraine „ohne Wenn und Aber“ unterstützen

ukrainische Regierung bei ihren Bemühungen um Waffenhilfe unterstützen.Ukraine„I cannot reword“

Canada is considered an important supporter of Ukraine. According to their own statements, the country has provided over 8.9 billion US dollars (6.2 billion euros) to Ukraine since the start of the war. Approximately one-fifth of this amount is allocated to military aid. In comparison to the G7 countries, Canada provides the highest per capita financial assistance.

Before his trip to Canada, Selenskyj participated in the UN General Debate in New York this week. Afterwards, he was received by Biden at the White House. Additionally, he met several cabinet members, including Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, as well as members of Congress, in the US capital, Washington.