KI in Pharmaindustrie: Schneller zu viel besseren Medikamenten

Unterstützt durch Künstliche Intelligenz wird die Herstellung von Arzneimitteln vorangetrieben, wie hier bei Merck in Darmstadt. Bild: dpa

During the pandemic, technology has demonstrated its capabilities: Artificial Intelligence is now essential in the pharmaceutical industry. The sector has high expectations for its implementation.

DThe Nobel Prize in Medicine this year, awarded to Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman, has brought important insights from the year 2020 regarding the coronavirus back into the public consciousness. This recognition highlights the significance of mRNA technology, which forms the foundation for a large portion of the billions of COVID-19 vaccinations administered and holds promise for combating numerous other diseases in the future.

Thiemo Heeg

Redakteur in der Wirtschaft.

The price also reflects the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medicine can save many lives. This is because, thanks to AI, the first COVID-19 vaccines were developed and brought to market in record time in 2020.