Kann Deutschland das stillgelegte Atomkraftwerk in den USA wiederbeleben?

Das Kernkraftwerk Palisades im Jahr 2010. Bald sollen die Reaktoren aus dem Dornröschenschlaf erweckt werden. Bild: AP

Für ein Kernkraftwerk in Michigan gibt es ein überraschendes Comeback: Der US-Bundesstaat reanimiert einen 50 Jahre alten Reaktor. Die Kehrtwende bestätigt einen Sinneswandel bei der Nuklearenergie.

IThe state of Michigan is planning to reopen the Palisades nuclear power plant, which was shut down in May 2022. The chances of reopening have significantly increased after the owner, Holtec, signed a delivery contract with a regional major customer that guarantees power consumption for several decades. Previously, Holtec had also applied for a federal loan of one billion dollars from a new funding source aimed at preventing the premature closure of nuclear power plants.

Michigan’s Democratic Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is in favor of the loan application and stated that the activation of the 52-year-old reactor is her top priority. She emphasized the production of clean and reliable energy, as well as the creation of well-paid jobs. Michigan has allocated $150 million for the revitalization project. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who is responsible for distributing federal loans, is a strong advocate for nuclear energy.