Italien: Italien verschärft Regeln für U-Haft von Jugendlichen

Die italienische Regierung um Ministerpräsidentin Giorgia Meloni hat ein Dekret zur Bekämpfung von Jugendkriminalität verabschiedet. Damit können jugendliche Straftäter ab 14 Jahren bereits in Untersuchungshaft genommen werden, wenn ihnen eine Höchststrafe von sechs Jahren droht. Bislang lag die Grenze bei neun Jahren.

The Italian Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, stated that these are preventive measures. The law also provides for punishing parents and legal guardians who neglect their duty of upbringing: „Because the cause of crime often lies in the lack of civic sense in families.“ Thus, parents whose children do not attend school could be punished with prison sentences of up to two years.

According to Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi, the fines for teenagers caught in drug trafficking are also set to be increased. Additionally, there should be more extensive and far-reaching bans on places and gatherings, such as sports facilities, schools, universities, and public spaces.

„I cannot reword“

Meloni hatte zuvor die Stadt Caivano nördlich von Neapel besucht, in der zwei Mädchen angeblich wiederholt von Jugendlichen vergewaltigt worden waren. Nach dem Ort ist das neue Dekret benannt.

The decree also includes the allocation of funds for the renovation of a dilapidated sports complex, which was the scene of some of the alleged rapes. In addition, a special commissioner will be appointed for Caivano. The place is considered a stronghold of drug dealers, with many members of organized crime operating there.

Editor’s note: In a previous version of the text, it was stated that children as young as six years old can be detained. We have corrected this mistake.