Italien: Giorgia Meloni dringt auf schnelles Ja der EU zu Lufthansa-Einstieg bei Ita

Airbus A350 von Ita in Rom

Airbus A350 von Ita in Rom


Für den Einstieg der Lufthansa bei der italienischen Airline Ita fehlt nur noch das Ja der EU-Kommission. Italiens Ministerpräsidentin Giorgia Meloni macht nun deswegen Druck auf Brüssel. »Es ist merkwürdig, dass die EU-Kommission die Lösung des Ita-Problems blockiert«, sagte die ultrarechte Regierungschefin nach dem G20-Gipfel der großen Industrie- und Schwellenländer in Neu-Delhi.

Attacke gegen EU-Wirtschaftskommissar Gentiloni

Meloni’s statements are an attack against the EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni. This is because the final decision lies within the responsibility of the Italian Commissioner for Economic Affairs. Gentiloni, who was previously the Prime Minister himself, comes from the ranks of the social democratic PD – the political rival of Meloni’s far-right party, Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy). Government partner and Lega leader Matteo Salvini had already criticized Gentiloni a few days ago for allegedly having a too critical stance towards Italy’s government: „Lately, I had the impression that a European Commissioner was playing with the jersey of another national team,“ Salvini said. Instead of making proposals, Gentiloni has complained and criticized.

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Lufthansa plans to acquire 41 percent of Ita (formerly Alitalia) for 325 million euros in the initial stage. The agreement for the German airline’s entry into the former competitor was announced at the end of April. If approved by the competition authorities, a complete takeover could also be possible later on. From 2025 onwards, Lufthansa may have the option to acquire an additional 49 percent. However, the Italian government intends to retain a stake beyond that as well.