Income tax: How the government accesses profits of entrepreneurs.

Christian Dürr, the leader of the FDP parliamentary group, has expressed reservations about the proposed reform. Bild: Omer Messinger

The government is discussing a reform of the income tax. However, those who make changes should consider the consequences for businesses.

SThe tax policy is slowly returning to the political agenda. In this case, it does not refer to adjusting small screws, but rather conceptual preparations for a new tax rate. The CDU plans to make statements about this in their new basic program, which can have an impact on the next election campaign. Ultimately, that is the purpose of the operation.

Aber auch von anderer Seite kommen dazu Einwürfe, so hat das Münchner Ifo-Institut eine Reform von Einkommensteuer und Grundsicherung vorgeschlagen, um die Arbeitsanreize zu verbessern. Beide Konzepte sehen eine leichte Erhöhung des Spitzensteuersatzes vor.