In eigener Sache: TW-Team gewinnt Qualitätsmacher:innen-Preis der dfv mediengruppe

Die Qualitätsmacher:innen 2023: Sarah Speicher-Utsch und Hagen Seidel

TW-Redakteurin Sarah Speicher-Utsch und TW-Redakteur Hagen Seidel wurden für ihre Story über das Zerwürfnis zwischen S.Oliver-Eigentümer Bernd Freier und dem ehemaligen CEO Claus-Dietrich Lahrs mit dem Award Qualitätsmacher:innen des Jahres 2023 ausgezeichnet. Hier finden Sie den Beitrag noch einmal − auch für Nicht-Abonnenten kostenfrei.

„He has to justify himself, not me. He hasn’t cared about me for three years. I haven’t set foot in my own company for three years.“ This quote begins the impressive cover story about S.Oliver owner Bernd Freier. Impressive because it is filled with rich background information and compelling anecdotes about and from an entrepreneur who seems unable to let go. Impressive because the story shows the persistent and thorough research.

Sarah Speicher-Utsch, editor in the economics department of TextilWirtschaft, and Hagen Seidel, chief correspondent of TextilWirtschaft, were able to convince the Quality Makers‘ Jury in the category of dfv Journalist of the Year 2023. „The article is the result of research that only journalists who are extremely well-connected in the industry and have profound market knowledge can conduct,“ the jury stated. „Remarkably, the editors managed to obtain meaningful statements from many involved individuals and shed light on the events from various perspectives.“ However, the article is not influenced by opinions but clearly states the facts.

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Die große TW-Analyse

Stress at S.Oliver: The complete story

The owner of S.Oliver, Bernd Freier, has parted ways with his former desired CEO Claus-Dietrich Lahrs and has taken control in Rottendorf himself – for now. The next CEO is already waiting in the wings. Will the owner give the industry outsider Jürgen Otto free rein or fall back into old patterns? This is a story about an entrepreneur who cannot let go.

The dfv Mediengruppe has chosen the „Quality Makers of the Year“ for the second time. This internal award was created to recognize employees who have made exceptional contributions to the high quality standards that the Business Media House is committed to.

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Kommentar zum Geschehen bei S.Oliver

Who is the villain here?

Bei S.Oliver müssen Inhaber, Vorstand und alle im Unternehmen am gleichen Strang ziehen. Denn ein gutes Ende ist für das Märchen von Rottendorf nicht garantiert. Ein Kommentar von TW-Redakteurin Sarah Speicher-Utsch.