Im Gespräch – Jüdisches Leben in der DDR: Zwischen Misstrauen, Idealismus und Antifaschismus

There is knocking and hammering, lamps are being installed, labels are being stuck to the walls, many display cases are still covered, audio is playing for testing – there is a lot of activity at the Jewish Museum Berlin, the new special exhibition is soon to open. The curators Tamar Lewinsky, Martina Lüdicke, and Theresia Ziehe focus on Jewish life in the GDR, between anti-fascism and invisibility, beyond the famous names, it is mainly about everyday life. Tamar Lewinsky guides through the exhibition rooms during the conversation.

der Freitag: Frau Lewinsky, mit der Ausstellung wollen Sie jüdisches Leben in der DDR sichtbar machen. War es denn so unsichtbar?

Tamar Lewinsky: Wir versuchen, das Jüdische zu fi