Ikea is expanding its recall for the „Lettan“ mirror – fittings may break.

Ikea-Filiale in Hamburg: Warnmeldung für »Lettan«-Besitzer

Ikea-Filiale in Hamburg: Warnmeldung für »Lettan«-Besitzer

Foto: Waldmüller / IMAGO

The Swedish furniture company Ikea has expanded its recall for certain mirrors of the type „Lettan“ due to breaking wall brackets. All „Lettan“ mirrors with a date stamp of 2105 (week 5, 2021) or older, as well as „Lettan“ mirrors with supplier number 21944 and date stamp 2325 (week 25, 2023) or older, are affected by the recall for repair, the company announced on Wednesday in Hofheim-Wallau. Customers who own affected mirrors have been asked to take them down as a precaution and order free replacement wall brackets.

The company explained that it had been found that some fittings for wall mounting were broken, causing some mirrors to suddenly fall to the ground.

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In January, there was a recall for the repair of certain mirrors of this type. After further investigations and additional supplier inspections, it was revealed that faulty wall mounts had been used in production for a longer period than the company was aware of. „For this reason, Ikea has decided to expand the recall for repair as a precautionary measure,“ the statement said.